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What are Cookies? 

Cookies are small pieces of information in the form of a tiny text file that is placed on the device of a website or app user. Cookies make using a website or app faster and easier by storing data in the background, for example adding items to a shopping cart or remembering login details for future visits. Cookies can also be used to monitor how a website is used for example, what pages are visited, where the visitors came from, what they have clicked on etc.

They are two different types of cookies. Session based cookies and Persistent cookies. Session based cookies only last for the time your browser is open and automatically deleted when your browser is closed. Persistent cookies last until they are deleted or they expire.


Does Club RCI use Cookies?

Yes. We use cookies and tracking pixels across our website and apps for a variety of uses. We use both session based and persistent cookies. Club RCI sets and accesses our own cookies on all of the websites and apps operated by Club RCI and its affiliates. We also use third party cookies, such as Google Analytics or Facebook Pixels.


How Club RCI uses Cookies?


Cookies can help us deliver more effective advertising on our website and apps. For example we might use a cookie to prevent you from seeing the same advert too many times or to deliver an advertisement relevant to your stage on one of our work and travel programs. Cookies can also tell us how many times you have clicked on a certain advert or how many times it is viewed.

  Performance, Analytics and Research  

Cookies help us track how well our websites, apps and services are performing such as the speed of loading or how often the website or app may crash. They can also track visitor data such as how many visitors we receive, which pages are viewed and how times they are viewed. Some of these cookies are set by third party services such as Google Analytics.

  Authentication   Site Features and Preferences  

These cookies can help us determine which language settings you use and can help us fill out sections of the website making it quicker and easier for you. They also provide you with features that may be customized for your experience.

  Third Party/Embedded Content  

Club RCI websites may make use of third party applications and services to improve the experience of visitors. These include applications such as social media sharing features from Facebook and Twitter, embedded videos from YouTube and Google Maps from Google. As a result of using these applications the third parties may also set cookies. We have no direct control over these cookies and what information is collected.


Controlling Cookies

Website visitors may wish to restrict the use of cookies or prevent them from being set. Most widely used browsers provide ways to control cookie behaviour. Please review the help section in your browser to learn more about how this can be done and understand your options. Please note if cookies are disabled when visiting a Club RCI website or using one of our applications certain features and services may not work as intended.